The future of the Junkrock

As of shortly Billy lived in an asylum, where the youth welfare office placed him since his third year of age. Francis "Milly" Meter, his mother, didn´t give a damn about Billy. His father, probably a lumberjack of amerindian origin, he never got to know.

Billy will study medicine and later become a cosmetic surgeon. Because of the money, he confesses. He earned his high school graduation with perfect scores and now he is waiting for a college place. He likes chilling out with Frank and Rob and is busy learning to play the guitar, to become ready to play within the band in two or three years.

He got to know Rob and Frank during his Voluntary Year of Social Service at the hospital. He was just about to start a joyride with a lent ambulance, when he saw Rob and Frank standing by the roadside. He drove them 2.500 miles to Phoenix and he made friends with the two of them. Rob and Frank took him in the band in place of Bernie Inch, who could not any longer change chords because of his progressing rheumatism.

"Thankfully I met people, who accepted me as I am," said Billy, "no one put a goosy question, why do you live at the asylum or how long are your mother already doing drugs or are you able to play a music instrument."

If it moves on beeing so successful with the band, by the look of it, he will give up his college place. "Our music and our friendship mean everything to me," he says.



Name: Billy Meter
Age: 21
Hair color: dark brown
Favorite dish: Belgium chocolate
Songs for eternity: Ärzte, Junge; Limp Biskit, Behind blue eyes
Favorites: Die Toten Hosen, Linkin Park, Billy Talent 
Best intros ever: Mike Overstoltz, don´t believe me but my dog 
Favorite actor: Scarlett Johansson, Milla Jovovich, Kirsten Dunst
Vacation resort: Garmisch-Partenkirchen (Germany)
Car: no (just doing his driving test)
Drinks: Long Island, Tequila Sunrise
Favorite sport: Swimming, Volleyball, gymnastics (all active)
Favorite clubs: DLRG, DGzRS, Fort Wayne Black Angels (Indiana, Volleyball)
Hobbies: Swimming, platform diving, chilling out
Instruments: Guitar, shaker
Function: trainee






The protectory where Billy grew up close to Minneapolis/MN.
that's Junkrock