Mr. Underground surfaced

Noone knows where he is really coming from. Certainly everyone knows the time when he was tramping through the West and the South with the last bottles of that desiccated hair tincture he had inherited from his great grandfather Rusty. From this period date the musical influences, that are still to hear in the songs of TEN METER DUST.

His idols were The Flaming Pitchers, Linda Bergman and exceptionally The Ritchfield Brothers.

There are no informations about his childhood. He considers himself a "Rheinländer" and he obviously went to school in or near Cologne. 

With Neil Fitzgerald and Francine DePalma he founded his first band The Pullering Pilots in Arizona. Thereafter he disappeared in the New York underground.

Beside a few unimportant band projects he dabbled in Freefighting, but already his third fight, that at the time he struggled in the legendary Ahoy-Arena in Rotterdam, implied the end of his career.  "The only good thing about it was, that from then on I had more time to focus on my music," says Frank.

A half year later Joe Lueder took him in his funfair boxing team. There Frank had to fight against a teammate in disguise and to be knocked out in the third round. "Fucking job," says Frank,"but noone can draw off this experience."

After 12 years at Lueder´s Frank was raddled, but he still got a job at the "Kinderkarussel" of Oscar Bonavena. After 4 years it started with this night-time dizziness and 4 weeks later Frank attested himself incapacity to work.

Awhile he got a job at the lot booth, but because of permanent panick attacks, activated through the unsufferable voice of "the nasally Sonya" on the microphone - my God what a unsufferable voice -  he had to start a therapie.

The coincident disappearance of symptoms and Sonya caused that Frank came under strong suspicion. But they were unable to harm him, even when parts of her were found under Oscar´s "Kinderkarussel".

For a while Frank was the insider-tip in alternative New York travel guides as the singing subway ticket supervisor. Then Rob hired him for TEN INCH DUST, the forerunner band of TEN METER DUST, as a substitute of Jack Tall, who had to go to prison again.

"I owe a lot to the music, it helped me getting over some moments of weakness." For all overwhelming success with TEN METER DUST Frank remains modest: "I had to take so much in my life, now I will give back something of that to the people."



Name: Frank Dust
Age: unknown
Hair color: grey
Favorite dish: Belgium chips with sauerbraten dip
Songs for eternity: Led Zeppelin, Whole lotta love (Single version); Jürgen Marcus, eine neue Liebe ist wie ein neues Leben; Sentimental Spreaders, put your hand around me
Favorites: Led Zeppelin, Free, Ritchfield Brothers, Linda Bergman Trio, Ry Cooder, Tito and Tarantula, Sentimental Spreaders, Mike Overstoltz
Best intros ever: Mothers´s Finest, Baby Love; Who, Magic Bus (Live at Leeds); Mike Overstoltz, don´t believe me but my dog
Favorite actors: Jacques Tati, Buster Keaton, Audry Hepburn, Louis de Funes
Vacation resort: Sporat Lake, Vancouver Island (Kanada)
Car: not one (no legal driver licence) 
Drinks: Light beer, coffee, soda
Favorite sport: team handball
Favorite teams: 1. FC Köln (German football), Greenbay Packers (American football), Wilhelmshavener Waves (Baseball)
Hobbies: horse-racing bet, panting, photographing
Instrument: Acoustic guitar (Lakewood)
Function: vocals, guitar, text, composing



The young Frank with his then-fiancee Monica Lucci at the registry office of Lafayette, Indiana. After Frank had four times misspelled, the registrar threw him out. After that Frank remained another two days with Monica, then they separated.
Frank in Freefight in Antwerp. His combatant, Rainer Stoitchkow, the Bulgarian, was the only Freefighter ever who went in the cage with glasses. He did only two fights, including 1 win, (aganist Frank) and 2 weeks later, 1 loss.
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