...can flip out totally

When he got his first violin, he was no more than 4 years old. At ten he was class winner at the Brussels Conservatory For Fiddling Highly Talented Kids. Two years later Rob composed his first opera and at thirteen he dropped out of school, because he was just fiddling excessively.

On his 16th birthday he burned down all his violins and was kicked out of home on the same day as well. Only then in the French Foreign Legion they could persuade him again to take a music instrument in hand. At the campfire in the Moroccan desert camp he accompanied the commander on a sixstring on singing american folk classics.

Some years later Joe Syfenspender sold a wrong plectrum to him. Just at night Rob blasted Joe´s guitar store. For that he got six years and three months. Since that time he also is almost deaf. 

No, Rob is no daredevil, Rob is a calm guy, withdrawn into himself, almost seems to be shy, but he can flip out totally, when he is faced with an unfairness   or if there is any asshole who is talking bullshit.

His father is still dissing him, only with his mother he sometimes has eye contact. If you ask him, what does stimulate you to play music with Frank and Billy, you´ll get the answer:"Nothing!". And if you ask him, what is your motivation to go on, the answer is:"Fuck off!" or "Shut your trap!". There is not more than this to get out of him. He gives no interview. The Informations that I´ve got are from the barber shop of his sister in Charleroi (Belgium).



Name: Rob ten Meuchelen
Age: known
Hair color: blond
Favorite dish: Belgium vegetable soup
Songs for eternity: James Pierpont, Jingle Bells; Andrea Cassavetes, give me more than I may take; Ramones, don´t come close
Favorites: not any
Best intros ever: Flaming Pitchers, The party has just begun; Mike Overstoltz, don´t believe me but my dog
Favorite actors: James Cagney, Ingrid Bergmann
Vacation resort: takes no vacation
Car: no (annual railway tickets for Belgium, USA and Mexico)
Drinks: Belgium beer, Belgium tomatoe juice
Favorite sport: disclaims sports
Favorite club: hates clubs
Hobbies: no
Instruments: Electric guitar, electric bass, drums, trompet, piano
Function: Composing, arrangement, programming, mastering
















 door MANIAC manager Tom Steal.
The insurance refused to accept the loss.
About Rob´s guitar attack on the black Porsche of OUTFLAMES guitarist Jack Beauregard unfortunately there are no photos. But of Rob´s insurance building.
Here a foto of Rob´s time as a tear-off-man of Dieter Rixeder, when he had established an inofficial European record in permanent tearing.
Two days later Rob got the information, that the induction order was a mistake respectively confusions of names. So be it!
South-Belgium in the eighties. The ruins of a caserne.
Fire damage in the Red Lantern. In the famous racing cyclist bar there was previously a passionate debate among Belgian doping offenders and amateur biker Rob
Even that happens: no controversy, no motive, no threads, no witness, nethertheless they precautionally investigate Rob.
Already two weeks before the vegetarian Rob had advised the hot dog fabricant to stop the production.
Although actually only the levels of the department of the damage adjustment should be deleted, finally the whole building had to be given up.
You only could go into the building through a side entrance for the last 3 years, but now they however moved to Bonn.
As a precaution the road is not declared. Visitors of the insurance in Bonn will rather be sent to the post-office box. MANIAC drummer Walt Koletnik,...
...MANIAC bassist and vocalist Fred Hirshblower,...
The trouble between Rob and THE MANIAC PREACHERS because of a stolen riff is finished. Here lived MANIAC guitarist Mike Calhoun,...
The outer wall had here and there only 20 mm.
Astounding discovery by the way:
Rob: "Asshole!"
Verbatim quote de Wilde:"I can´t get somebody off the hook, when I´m 100% committed to his guilt."
The (former) law firm of Dr. Raymond de Wilde in the Brussels district of Berchem Sainte-Agathe.
The Belgian Technical Inspection Agency is still looking for the causation.
During the last staff outing exploded the hot dog factory in Rob´s direct neighborhood.
Even the close-by parking garage was affected. Look here the angle of the parking lots for the teachers.
Rob´s former elementary school without the west and east wing.
Two days later the east wing of the school bursted off too.
The entire west wing of the building bursted off.
In the easter holidays the teachers´room of Europe´s largest elementary school was badly shaken.
The subsequent explosion destroyed the house completely. Thank God fiddlers didn´t suffer a loss.
The Conservatory for Fiddling Highly Talented Kids north of Brussels. At close range unknown offenders shot a bazooka into the first floor and hit a gas line.
The guitar store of Joe Syfenspender after the assault.
The former barber shop of Jean Exner in Charleroi (Belgium) When Jean abandoned Rob´s sister (when she was seven-month pregnant), there was a deflagration in a hair dryer in the proximate night.
Only the frontage resisted.
The Slovenian dancing hall STOPNICE82 one day after a gig. The organizer had by carelessness had retained a part of the fee.
Respiring at the team: the bikes parked in the garage remained intact. By Rob is now being investigated on suspicion of criminal damage.
There was considerable damage to the building.
When the contractor Fernandolfo Sugner seriously presented the incidental rental expences (!) for the rent garage, Rob went off.
Only the cheap dutch wallpaper has yet to be exchanged and the bathtub to be cleared.
The development of Rob´s new roof-top apartment to a open roof penthouse is making good progress.
Who Rob does not take seriuosly, that´s his own fault.
If I have to go, everybody has to go, said Rob.
If you don´t pay the repair for the boiler, you´ll get kicked out, said the landlord to Rob.
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