1 song, 1 day!

There is no official definition for JUNKROCK and if there were any, it would be wrong.

Frank first came up with this item and he thought one should no longer make a fuss about recording a song. In short: 1 song, 1 day!

You first sleep late and then you quite slowly start recording something. In the progress You build the track on the way it happens. Length, instrumentation, number of stanzas and so on is not beeing set in advance, but arises in the course of the day. It will not be singing the chorus 21 times until it´s perfect, and the micro don´t need to cost 300 dollars. You record it like you just do it, with the equipment you have in-house, and if there is a wrong note, then that´s how it is.

Also during the "fun mastering" the mood is more important than the technical overkill. Okay, after that you get told that the recording is too muddy, or the vocals are too quiet, and generally you have to do something on vocals, or there are too many guitars, definitly too much cluttered, or this is all too bassy, or there is too much reverb on it, or there is not enough separation in the mix. Right, tell the guys, it´s exactly that!

And greetings to jail to our brother in spirit Phil Spector, the artificer of the WALL OF SOUND.

JUNKROCK is like JUNKFOOD: quickly made, cheap, hard to digest.

Certainly it´s hard to win any laurels for it, neither really good chefs nor really good musicians take notice of it.

So be it!










that's Junkrock