Insider info of Frank for fans

At this point we want to announce, why we are writing on our homepage that much about Frank Dust, but less about Rob and Billy.. It´s quite simple, about Rob all is said, and about Billy we do not want to give any further details, because Billy does not want that.

So now back to Frank, who doesn´t care what is written about him or whether we right about him at all, he doesn´t give a shit about that anyway.

Come on! If everything of that, what you get in many publications about Frank aka Mikel Angelo, is correct, may be questioned rightly. Before we ourselves let out gushings, let´s itemize Franks favorite things. We think this list provides more informations about the character of Frank than long-winded reviews or all this boring stuff, that is written about his music and his painting.


Franks favorites:

Favorite color: black
Favorite number: 4
Favorite month: June
Favorite mileage: 4.000 miles
Favorite platform: 8

Favorite noodle: spaghetti
Favorite answer: Hm!
Favorite shoeshine: Eduardo (New York)
Favorite horse: Samum
Favorite river: Rhine

Favorite volleyball position: offender
Favorite abbreviation: lmao
Favorite shortcut: farm track
Favorite air temperature: 78,8 degrees
Favorite playing card: king of clubs

Favorite racetrack: Santa Anita Park (L.A.)
Favorite painting: Rembrandt´s night watch
Favorite quaterback: Brett Favre
Favorite railroad station: Bischofshofen (Austria)
Favorite pizza: tuna

Favorite match result: 5:3
Favorite referee: Hoyzer (Germany, football)
Favorite corner: top left
Favorite club: 1. FC Köln (Germany, football)
Favorite football oldie: Heinz Flohe (1. FC Köln)

Favorite cities: Cologne, Dusseldorf, Frankfurt, New York, Phoenix, Amsterdam
Favorite Cologne born: Schäfers Nas
Favorite Cologne born: Dummse Tünn
Favorite dialect: Kölsch (Cologne Language)
Favorite (Cologne) beer: Päffgen

Favorite car: Aston Martin
Favorite authors: Charles Bukowski, Jack Kerouac, Hermann Hesse, Fjordor Michailowitsch Dostojewski
Favorite gaming machine: (German) Bingo (70ties)
Favorite autograph: Radi Radenkowic (German footballer)
Favorite bumper car: Lenzen

Favorite flower: gladiolus
Favorite tree: weeping 
Favorite animal: crocodile
Favorite fish: codfish
Favorite fruit: peach

Favorite radio station: WDR 2 (Germany)
Favorite pirate radio station: Radio Veronica (North Sea, 70ties)
Favorite time of day: early morning
Favorite HARIBO: white coconut cylinder with licorice core
Favorite water temperature: 87,8 degrees

Favorite grass height: 110 cm
Favorite day: friday
Favorite year: 1969
Favorite chors: E minor
Favorite world record: high jump (2,45, J. Sotomayor, Cuba, 1993)

Favorite garbage can: paper
Favorite subject: fortune
Favorite food: fries with sauce from marinated beef
Favorite TV series: Stromberg (Germany)
Favorite Autobahn rest stop: Spessartd-Süd (Germany)

Favorite artist: Maurits Cormelis Escher
Favorite science fiction film: Alien 1
Favorite drink: coffee
Favorite road sign: do not overtake!
Favorite punctuation mark: comma

will be continued


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