The long long way to the top

From the original formation Hank Siggs was present until the end of the sixties. Jack Tall, who meanwhile had to pause some years, played any more longer in the band. Active for the longest time was Bernie Inch, who recently died aged 93 in his house in Pensylvania. For him, everyone knows, the young Billy Meter joined the band.

The band once started, so to speak a short time after the radio was invented, when the first lokal radio stations were desperately looking for music productions. The barber Hank Siggs, the hairdresser Sandra Feet and the shaver Jack Tall were strumming folk songs on borrowed dobro guitars. After quitting time they recorded some songs, which then were released by the lokal radio station.

The original formation SIGGS FEET TALL existed about three years, untill Sandra Feet opened up her own barbershop and Jack Tall had to go to prison. Hank took Jeremy Slater and Colin Weak. But SIGGS WEAK SLATER capitulated already after four weeks and Hank had to find new guys. He learned to know the bassist Bronco Hind, the younger brother of the cult drummer Malcolm Hind and he hired Betty Miles as his new haircutter.

SIGGS MILES B. HIND became lokal musical heavyweights, but only for three years, because then Betty opened up her own barbershop. Never again people from the haircutter business, Hank promised himself and he found the roofer Pete Southward and the ad agent Gary Yard as his new musical companions.

But also SIGGS YARD SOUTHWARD didn´t make the international breakthrough as they had hoped. After long lasting playing the small clubs Hank decided: I need professionals! He sacked Pete and Gary, payed Jacks bail, who in prison had learned playing by notes and he found Bernie Inch, a brilliant guitarist.

With SIGGS INCH TALL Hank got back to his musical roots. For many years it came up roses, until it didn´t move on and Hank thought by himself: okay, that´s enough, now I stop.

For his follower he assigned Rob ten Meuchelen, a man who is adored because of his brilliancy and dreaded because of his incalculability.
But TEN INCH TALL couldn´t meet the high expectations after Hanks disappearance and when Jack anew had to go to prison and they took the kermis boxer Frank Dust, the band wasn´t worth a dime. Anyhow TEN INCH DUST astonishingly could keep their heads above water for an long time.

"The last 20 years with Bernie were not so sparkling," said Frank. For example the stiff gigs because of Bernie Inchs rheumatism. "His fingers coulnd´t do what he wanted them to do. This also handicaped the songwriting. Scarcely anybody wanted to listen to a one chord song."

OK, Bernie is a legend and when Billy Meter joined the band, they felt that the wind of change was blowing. And the success came back. The videos of DON´T GIVE ME YOUR NUMBER and THE SEA HAS GONE were released worldwide and the fan community increases every day.

Pic 1:
Colin Weak (from SIGGS WEAK SLATER)

Pic 2:
SIGGS FEET TALLs excursion to Chicago. Inside the handcart: Rocky Mazzola, founding member of the Richfield Brothers.

(F.l.t.r.: unknown doorman, Jack Tall, Rocky Mazzola, Hank Siggs. At the right edge of the pic: Sandra Feet)

Pic 3:
Betty Miles in leopard suit.






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